Zen question for this issue: Why do British film companies come to New England in February to shoot on location outdoors? In February of 2002, Granada Productions arrived in New England for extensive on-location filming for a half-hour documentary entitled "The Vampire Hunters," a well-made production that premiered on the Discovery Channel in Great Britain in the Fall of 2003.

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In February of 2004, Brighton Films spent about a week of on-location shooting for "Tales of the Living Dead," co-produced with National Geographic. For this film, my friend and colleague, Nick Bellantoni, the State Archaeologist for Connecticut, leads viewers through the amazing story of J.B.'s corpse, connecting this event to other instances of vampire exhumations in New England. Nick and I spent a very cold morning being filmed discussing the gravestone, whose inscription links vampires and consumption, that Cyril and I discovered several months ago.

A correspondent for the Associated Press interviewed both Nick and me on that cold day; her archived article can be found at: